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Empowered Menopause

Let's face it. There isn't a lot of information and resources out there when it comes to navigating the transition through perimenopause to post-menopause. Very little research is done on women specifically in the fitness and wellness space, and therefore most fitness programs overlook key factors inherent to women from the menstrual cycle and accompanying fluctuations in hormone levels to perimenopausal changes and post-menopausal physiology. This all to often results in women engaging in less-efficient training and not fueling their bodies properly, ultimately hindering women from reaching their full potential.


At LUNA Fit, our coaches and women's health experts possess a comprehensive understanding of the distinct physiologies and requirements of the female body across different life stages. Within our Empowered menopause program you will gain access to:

  • A variety of workouts meticulously crafter to align with the changing needs of your body through perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause to help increase lean muscle mass and pre3vent sarcopenia, improve bone density, cardiovascular fitness, and mobility to keep your joints healthy for decades to come.

  • Pelvic floor & core specific programming to build and maintain a truly strong, optimally functioning core and help improve + prevent back pain and common pelvic floor considerations such as leaking.

  • Education on women's health, perimenopause + menopause, hormones, nutrition, and wellness from leading experts

  • Guided meditations to help relieve stress, improve sleep, and deepen your connection with self

  • In-depth nutritional guides and more, all on-demand and at your fingertips 24/7 

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